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20 to 22 July, 2019, Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA
Please submit the completed application with payment.

Stall Booking Confirmation is subject to booked amount will be transfer in the Bank in 24 Hours.

Bank Name AXIS Bank
Account Name STEEL MARKET INFO (Event Div.)
Account Number 911020003179557
IFSC Code UTIB0000057
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We hereby apply to participate in the 10th Indian Stainless Steel Houseware Show with Tube and Raw Material 2019 - 20 to 22 July Hyderabad - India. We will abide by the "Terms of Application and Exhibition Rules & Regulations".

  • This application is to be submitted before 31st May, 2019 with 50% of booth payment for booking.
  • 100% Advance Payment must be made on 1st Week of June 2019
  • Space/Stall Booking After 10 July 2019 will be accepted with 50% extra Charge (in cash of space availability.)
Above specification are subject to further adjustment for upgrading and other necessary purposes. The Organisers reserve the right to change the configuration.


  • The organiser will take all preventive measures for safety, security and fire, however, the organiser shall not be liable for any damage/loss.
  • The organiser reserves the right to change/reschedule the show or change the venue at any point of time or revise visiting hours for reasons beyond its control. No claim whatsoever shall be entertained from any exhibitor/visitor on this account.
  • The organiser reserves the right to cancel the space alloted or deny space to exhibitors already confirmed.
  • The organiser reserves the right to allocate/reallocate space, charge the layout, add or delete corridors which may affect the orientation of exhibition. Its decision in this regards shall be final and binding.
  • In the event of cancellation of participation by any applicant at any stage, the entire amount deposited till then by the applicant shall stand forfeited.
  • Platforms, podiums etc., leading to exhibits must be constructed within stand area in such a way that they are safe and enable visitors to move freely. No exhibitor or any article would be allowed outside the stall or in the passage area.
  • No activity which in the opinion of organiser amounts to nuisance or annoyance will be caused by the participants. The organiser shall have the right to take step in such case.
  • Entry to the show by representatives of participants will be subject to the permission from the organiser.
  • Fire safety rules and regulations will have to be observed at all time. It is not permitted to store or use inflammable liquids / packaging material or any other such material in the hall.
  • No exhibits/cases/display material will be allowed to be taken out of exibition complex after the closing of the Show without exit permit. Exit permit will be issued by the authorized representative of the organisers upon taking over of the stand from the participant in the same condition.
  • Participant will be reposnsible for the security of their exhibits and stalls. The organiser will, however, make general security arrangements at the exhibition hall in particular.
  • The organiser reserves the right to photography/video filming any exhibit for its use without permission of the exhibitors.
  • Force majeure : If the exhibition is abandoned, cancelled or suspended, if whole or in part by reasons of natural calamity, war, fire, national emergency, labour dispute, non-avaliability of exhition venue or any of the clause not within the control of the organiser, the organiser may, at their own discretion repay the rental paid by the exhibitor, or part thereof, but shall be under no obligation for any loss of business and pay any compensation.
  • The participant will be participating in the show at their own risk and cost.
  • The court in Jodhpur shall have the jurisdiction for all the disputes.